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        CFI Jerusalem Emergency Aid

        Ukrainian Jewish Refugees need our help! Many fleeing war are now arriving in Israel exhausted, traumatised and emotionally drained. The CFI Distribution Centre in Jerusalem needs sponsorship to help distribute their Operation LĄ¯Chaim Relief Parcels.

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        In Touch - 2nd Quarter 2022

        Read about: new treasures as well as old; aid for new immigrants from Ukraine; the importance of remembrance; a surprise at the CFI UK prayer conference; our lobby of Parliament; CRE South West; water from the air; and a wave of terror attacks.

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        Behold the Man

        This acclaimed teaching series by Dwight Pryor includes twelve 40-minute in-depth sessions on 6 DVDs that provide extremely useful insights into ChristĄ¯s teaching from a Jewish perspective. It comes with an accompanying study book.

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        Israel - Questions Questions

        Five mini articles that help the reader to understand the mystery of Israel ¨C articles about the land, about the Jews, about what the Bible says of Jews and Gentiles, about whether Jews and Gentiles should be friends or enemies, and about the Arabs.

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        A Nation Called by God

        As the Government continues to celebrate the restoration of British sovereignty, how many people are aware of the special calling placed upon the British nation by God? And how has the nation responded to that calling?

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        2022 Update on our ministry

        This short update video presents selected examples of our recent activities.

        Aid Projects in Israel

        Here is a brief overview of the projects we run and support in the Land of Israel.

        Kesher Course

        Kesher Course

        Kesher is a ten week course, which aims:

        • To enrich our understanding of Jesus
        • To deepen our trust in God's faithfulness
        • To give us a better understanding of current events in the Middle East

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        Who we are

        Kesher Course

        We are a ministry with a twin focus, we seek to:

        1. Bless Israel through practical and moral support.
        2. Serve the Church with teaching and resources about God`s love and purposes for Israel and the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith.

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        Support Israel through

        Kesher Course

        We collect donations for various projects in Israel.

        These include support for Holocaust survivors, new immigrants experiencing hardship, people experiencing trauma as a result of terror attacks and believers in the land.

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